We are the industry leader in design-build telecommunications infrastructure.

Full turn-key solutions for fibre optic, coaxial and wireless communications.

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Connecting people, businesses and communities to high-speed, reliable networks.

There are many disciplines associated with the successful deployment of telecommunications infrastructure. We are proud to be the only company in Manitoba delivering on every layer of turn-key deployments under one roof.

Whether it is in the office, or out in the field, our industry leading experts maintain the highest level of quality and customer service. Nowhere else will you find an engineer, civil construction foreman and plant maintenance technician collaborating daily over morning coffee.

Our design team possess extensive experience in the Radio Frequency, Fibre Optic and Civil Construction disciplines, while consistently following projects through the permitting, construction and maintenance phases.

Quantum’s seasoned construction crews, complimented with a fleet of specialized heavy equipment, have an extensive record of accomplishment for always delivering professional results, on time, and on budget. It’s our promise.

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We are comprised of
  • Engineers
  • Certified Engineering Technologists
  • Technicians
  • Project Managers
  • Tradespeople
End-to-end solutions

Turn-Key solutions for Internet Service Providers and Wireless Mobility Carriers.

Quantum Utilities is the one-stop-shop for telecommunications providers. We work closely with Internet and Mobility Service providers to offer turn-key design and construction of outside plant infrastructure.

Specializing in Fibre Optic, RF and Civil Design we collaborate with our clients to offer the most efficient and reliable deployments.  We don’t stop at design either, offering full, in-house solutions that include permitting, construction, quality testing and maintenance.

Our end-to-end service is tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients. We work closely to determine your company’s unique needs and provide the freedom to select the service, or services, that best meet your specific requirements.

Discuss A Project
  • Preliminary Design
  • Cost Analysis
  • CAD Drawings with Alignments
  • Obtain Construction Permits & Approvals
  • Construction & Installation of Infrastructure
  • Fibre Splicing & Testing
  • As-Built & Utility Mapping
Full service

Proudly connecting First Nation communities and rural municipalities across the prairies.

01. It Starts With A Concept

We understand the challenges communities face when sufficient bandwidth just isn’t available. Let us develop a concept and see it through to a feasibility study. From there we can help you develop budgets and conceptual plans for a successful deployment of backbone and distribution infrastructure.

02. Get A Plan & Financing

Our team of experts and engineers will develop the plans, proposals and specifications needed to submit for financial assistance, specific to your project. We are with you every step of the way and possess the knowledge and strategic partners necessary to take your project from concept to reality.

03. Building With the Community

Quantum’s seasoned construction crews, complimented with a fleet of specialized heavy equipment possess the skills and experience necessary to deliver infrastructure projects in even the most unforgiving locations. We are bringing more than just connectivity; we are bringing an entire economy with us, which is why we sub-contract local businesses and assist with training programs for community members.

04. Run Your Own ISP

Does your community want to run their own Internet Service Provider (ISP)? After all, this is your project, your infrastructure, why not run it the way you want. We can help with that too. Quantum has collaborated with a variety of ISPs enabling us to be the only one-stop-shop for end-to-end connectivity.

Let’s talk about connecting your community.

Individual Services

Everything you need from design and construction for telecommunications, under one roof.


Coaxial Cable Plant RF Design

  • Create network schematics, diagrams and reports
  • Design hybrid fibre optic/coax networks
  • Perform network engineering calculations and analysis
  • Configure communications equipment


Wireless (LTE, 5G) Design

  • Perform path analysis and coverage maps
  • Design Point to Point, Point to Multi Point and 5G Micro-Pop Deployments
  • Perform network engineering calculations and analysis
  • Configure communications equipment
  • Create network schematics, diagrams and reports
  • Configure communications equipment
  • Obtain maps of existing underground structures and create alignments for proposed conduits, buried cable and equipment
  • Calculate loading of proposed aerial infrastructure
  • Create engineered drawings for permitting process
  • Joint-Use Permits
  • Rail Permits
  • Easement and Alignment Permits


  • RF Design and path analysis for Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point, Microwave Backhaul, LTE and 5G deployments
  • Installation of self-support and guyed towers including foundation
  • Installation of wireless equipment including rigging, hoisting and tower climbing

With surgical precision, our directional drill crews install a variety of pipes, conduits and cables underground.  This trenchless installation method is the preferred choice, with virtually zero surface disruption and the ability to install infrastructure in frozen soils.  We provide Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Teck Cables, Conduits and Other Electrical Applications
  • Sewer, Water, Natural Gas and Other Mechanical Applications
  • Fibre Optic and Other Telecommunication Applications
  • Installation Under – Waterways, Railways, Roadways, Paved and Landscaped Areas

With speed and ease, our plough crews install a variety of pipes, conduits and cables underground.  This method of installation is the preferred choice for long stretches of infrastructure, due to its quick pace and lower cost per metre for installation.  Equipped with smaller vibratory ploughs and larger static plough trains, we have the appropriate solution for a variety of terrains and applications.

One of the inherent challenges of installing new underground utilities is navigating through the maze of existing infrastructure.  To do so safely and effectively, it is important to ‘soft-dig’ in these areas to expose existing infrastructure. Utilities are ‘day-lighted’ using pressurized water and vacuum suction to safely remove the earth, allowing crews to identify and work around the affected underground infrastructure.

When the circumstances require cables to be installed overhead instead of underground our crews offer the full complement of aerial services including:

  • Installation or Removal of Pole Structure
  • Installation of Steel Messenger and Guy-Wires
  • Tree Trimming
  • Unlashing and Lashing of Coaxial and Fibre Cables
  • Installation of U-Guards and Pole Dips
  • Installation of Power Supplies, Amplifiers and Nodes
  • Aerial Splicing

Our specialized cable jetting crews are equipped to blow fibre optic cable over great distances through conduits and micro ducts.  The process utilizes air and lubricants to safely blow cable through conduits with minimal strain on the cable itself.

Our hydraulic wire pulling equipment allows crews to effectively pull heavier cables through ducts in both single and multiple cable applications.  This process is especially helpful when installing Electrical Teck Cables and High Voltage Conductors.

Our technical team is experienced and equipped to perform a wide variety of terminations on telecommunications infrastructure such as:

  • Single-Mode and Multi-Mode Fusion Splicing
  • Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Testing and Fault Locating
  • Installation of Splice Enclosures and Patch Panels
  • RF Design for coaxial cable plants
  • Node splits, including noise reduction, sweeping and power balancing

Words from our customers.

It is refreshing to deal with a design team that truly understands the challenges of today’s ISPs. They are extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and professional in their process. I had the pleasure of working with their construction crews where safety and success are paramount. They are always eager to please and very accommodating of last-minute changes. Using Quantum for their design-build services means I can spend less time micro-managing and more time focusing on our day-to-day operations. Working with them gives me the peace of mind that our projects are always delivered with exceptional quality, at a price point and schedule that keeps the stakeholders very happy.

As the industry leading provider of technical fibre optic services, we only align ourselves with those who share the same core values on quality and professionalism as we do. This is why we repeatedly choose to work with Quantum Utilities. They are masters of their trade and truly understand the full-scope of fibre optic infrastructure builds. Collaborating with their team is effortless and helps us meet the demands of our clients. I highly recommend working with the crew behind the ‘Q’!

I had the pleasure of working with the Quantum Utilities construction crews this past summer. We were faced with some tight deadlines to install new streetlight infrastructure for a road expansion and bridge rehabilitation project. Quantum to the rescue; they seamlessly fit into our operations already underway and installed concrete bases and directionally bored underground feeders at a very reasonable rate. Our team, along with Manitoba Hydro, were thrilled to have such an experienced underground crew at our disposal. I really look forward to working with Quantum again in the future.

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